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We have raised
over £117,000!


What is the Downslink Challenge all about?

We knew of quite a few other bike riders who would be up for a big challenge and settled on an epic off-road mountain bike ride from Knaphill to Brighton… and back. The Downslink name came from making the ride back from Brighton more interesting and challenging by taking the route of the Downslink bridleway that connects the North Downs Way and South Downs Way National Trails. Ninety eight miles in one day.

So, with 40 riders and 150 supporters, they set off from The Garibaldi on 18th June 2016 for the first ride and with the support of 150 people raised just under £7K for the charity.

Spurred on with this success, the challenge has become an annual event and The Downslink ‘brand’ has started other fund-raising events such as a quiz night, a gin festival as well as having donations and help from many local businesses and sports clubs. Each year, The Garibaldi hosts the ‘set off’ and ‘after show’ parties and provides all day entertainment for families.

Each year, the proceeds from each event are split between Woking and Sam Beare Hospice and a local guest charity.

The Downslink Challenge Team Are:

Steve Mckeown – Organiser
Gail Smith – Organiser
Carolyn Long – Organiser
Richard Roberts – Managing Director Trident Garages – Event sponsor
Mike Overton – Lunar Design – Website & Social Media
James Palmer – K8 Design & Media – Graphic Design for T shirts and Leaflets etc
Martin Durrad – Garibaldi landlord…all things pubby!
Mark Everard – Trade sponsorship
Suzy Woolley – Spreadsheet guru (essential for rider’s info)
Helen McKeown – Marshall organiser
Rachel Prior – Photographer
The Band “Blackbird” – Evening entertainment
Paul Smith, Dave Long, Colin and Kerry Voice, Paul Woolley, Ian and Sally People, Jim and Lucy Green, Sandra Wheeler, Joy Cassidy, Josh McKeown, Frankie Brayshaw, Paul Benstead, Jackie Emms, Viv Everard, Andrew Franklin, Andy Mumford, James Brierley. 


Upcomming events

Downslink Gin Festival​

6:15 pm

Downslink Quiz Night

6:00 pm

Downslink Bike Ride

6:00 am