Why we Do This

LIsa kimberley trotter

5th July 1969 – 7th November 2018

Our InspirationLisa Trotter was the inspiration behind the Downslink Challenge.It was during a bike ride with her husband Jim that he told us of her bowel cancer diagnosis and it was during that conversation that we decided that we had to do something, but what??The Downslink Challenge was created.Cyclists cycled and raised sponsorship, the local community came together to make the event happen, a website was created, companies sponsored the website and provided raffle prizes, the Garibaldi Pub hosted the event and contributed in so many ways, Blackbird the band would provide music every year and so the list goes on. Lisa would honour us every year by presenting medals to the riders and made many friends. As a consequence we have many lovely photo’s of her and her family in the Gallery on the website. Every year we raise money for the Woking Hospice and a local guest charity where the money is split evenly.We now also have two more events to help raise more money which started in 2019, a quiz night in January and a Gin festival in April.Lisa Trotter sadly passed away in 2018. Lisa showed so much strength during her illness. She always came across as being “on top” throughout the duration, she bossed it right to the end.Lisa is a great inspiration to us all and this will live on through the Downslink Challenge as her legacy. Her inspiration is breathing through every aspect of our efforts to raise money to help who we can.Thank you Lisa, for being the person you were and for the inspiration you are.The Downslink Challenge Family offer their sympathy and sincere condolences to Jim, Sadie, Kitty & Seth.