The Routes

The route

The two events cover the same route: Brighton to Shoreham by Sea, The Downs Link, Shalford to Knaphill. Riders intending to complete one way start in Brighton and finish in Knaphill. Those going both ways reverse the route below and the return. Most of the route is on private land either following public rights of way or permissive routes, please treat all with respect.

Brighton to Shoreham by Sea

Starting at Brighton Pier travel west towards Hove and ultimately Shoreham by Sea along the promenade.

The Downs Link

From Shoreham by Sea to Shalford the route follows the downs link. Full details of this can be found at the Downs Link guide from West Sussex County Council. WSCC also do a guide for riders. Only stages 6 to 2 of the Downs Link guide are completed in full, stage one only until the route crosses the Horsham Rd (A281) south of Shalford.

Also see Downs link Cycle Route on Sustrans for a book contain the route.

Shalford to Garibaldi in Knaphill
From Shalford the route travels north via Guildford, Worplesdon, and Brookwood to Knaphill. Details of the route to be used can be found on Google Maps.

Downskink Challenge

51 Miles | Brighton – Knaphill

Riders will be transported from Knaphill to Brighton with their bikes and will then cycle by road to Shoreham -on-sea where they will pick up the disused Downslink railway line all the way to Guildford where they will then cycle by road to Knaphill.

Downskink century

102 Miles | Knaphill – Brighton – Knaphill

Riders will cycle by road to Guildford where they will pick up the disused railway line and cycle to Shoreham-on-sea and then by road to Brighton. A quick refreshment /refuel will be taken before they endure the same journey back again in reverse.